How much does curtain cleaning cost?

Curtain Cleaning Cost Melbourne

The cost of curtain cleaning in Melbourne is $80 - 100 per curtain of standard size 2m x 2m. The curtain steam cleaning price is impacted by the size, material, level of dirt, any stain etc. Large curtains are calculated $15 to $20 per square metre.

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Understanding Curtain Cleaning Cost

Curtain cleaning cost is generally charged per square meter. if you need a more specific quote then our team can do a proper measurement which includes measuring the height and the width of each curtain and then finally they are covered into the square meter and customer needs to pay the cost per sq meter.

For commercial property curtain cleaning cost, we provide an on-site inspection and quotation. We provide curtain cleaning cost and quote for hotels, guest house, motel, hospital, schools etc.

If you are domestic customers and if your curtains are not very big then we may be able to provide an estimate on a per curtain basis which sometimes makes it easier for our customers.

The cost of curtains steam cleaning may be slightly cheaper in comparison to dry cleaning because steam cleaning is done on-site without taking curtains down whereas for dry cleaning curtains are taken away and they are cleaned in a dry cleaning machine.

Understanding curtain square meter calculation

If you have a measuring tape in your home then all you need to do is measure each curtain height and width in Meter.

Example: Let's say if you have a curtain of the following dimensions. Length: 4 meter, Height: 3.5 meter. Just multiply height and with and it will give you the square meter. In this example, the area of the curtain will be 14 square meters.

You can also use square meter calculation tool.

Curtain Cleaning Cost Calculator Tool

You can use our cost calculator tool which will give you the rough estimate. To get a more accurate, we can provide you via phone or email. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a leading curtain cleaning company in Melbourne. If you have specific requirement about your cleaning and getting a quote then call us now and we can provide you the estiamte over the phone.

Please note that the size of the window is nothing to do with curtain cleaning cost as curtains are generally much bigger than the window size.