Curtain Dry Cleaning vs Steam Cleaing - What is best?

What is the difference between curtain steam cleaning and dry cleaning?

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How to choose curtain steam vs dry cleaning?

There are many factors you need to consider before choosing where to get curtain steam or dry cleaning done. This infographic explains in a very simple way. If you are still unsure about what is best for you then call Curtain Cleaning Melbourne team and we will be more than happy to help.

Curtains are an important furnishing aspect. A beautiful curtain serves the dual purpose of complimenting home and used as a gorgeous backdrop. Though it is a soft furnishing, also it is a storehouse for dust and other depositories. Curtains do attract dust and moulds and with time they intensify to a high degree and needs professional curtain cleaning. One question that always strikes the minds of the owners regarding curtain cleaning is should they look for a dry cleaning process or steam cleaning.

Choosing the right method for professional curtain cleaning is something that can be best handled by the Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne. Technicians have the knowledge and experience of cleaning and they can provide the best advice on what method should be opted.

Curtain Dry Cleaning vs Steam Cleaing Infographic - What is best

Understanding the Curtain Cleaning Melbourne Process

Once the responsibility of curtain cleaning is given to the professional curtain cleaners Melbourne, they follow various stages of the cleaning process with full determination and provide the best result.

  • Stage 1: The first stage of curtain cleaning Melbourne is reaching the place and doing curtain fabric inspection. After deciding the fabric quality and detailed inspection of the stains experts take the decision of curtain cleaning method.
  • Stage 2: If the dry cleaning method is to be followed, experts will take remove the curtains and take away with them for the further cleaning process. Or if steam cleaning is done, they schedule a date as per the convenience of the owners and come with their equipment to clean them.
  • Stage 3: In dry cleaning method after the cleaning is done, they deliver the curtains and re-hung them while in steam cleaning maximum times the process is done on-site and it takes several hours for curtains to go dry.

Advantages of Curtain Dry Cleaning

In today’s busy scenario choosing professionals to manage household chores and cleaning is a wise decision. Indeed in a home, there is numerous task to be completed, curtain cleaning is a big and important task too. Call professionals and ensure that your curtains are absolutely safe and healthy to use. Dry cleaning is the aptest method for delicate and embellished curtains. There are so many benefits to hiring them.

  • Professional curtain dry cleaners remove the curtains and carry with them for the further cleaning process.
  • The quotation is done at the shop to prevent any later hassle for charges. Dry cleaning charges are completely dependent on the length and width of the curtains.
  • Dry cleaning is the most preferred method for curtains that are lined. Fabrics that are delicate like silk, chiffon, embroidered curtain, embellished curtains do require dry cleaning so that the fabric does not shrink and the embellishments do not damage.
  • Chemical solvents are used to clean the stains and not water thus chance for shrinking the fabric nullifies.
  • After dry cleaning curtains are sanitized and deodorized to smell fresh and free from germs.

Advantages of Curtain Steam Cleaning

Curtain steam cleaning is one of the best methods to clean and sanitize the residential or commercial curtains without the use of harmful chemicals. 6 most outstanding benefits of taking curtain steam cleaning are:

  • Quality cleaning of the curtains. Curtains do attract dust, dirt and many other collagens that causes infection and causes allergies. Steam cleaning instantly kills the germs and prevent the environment. After cleaning the whole curtain looks flawlessly beautiful.
  • Healthy and a germ-free curtain is guaranteed with steam cleaning. Along with cleaning the dust and dirt, steam cleaning ensures that all germs are killed absolutely.
  • Use of eco-friendly products makes steam cleaning completely safe for kids and pets. They always make sure to use cleaning agents that do not harm the environment and it is one of the best reason to hire professionals and take their service.
  • Steam cleaning is an affordable way to save money than spending more on cleaning products. This process is easy, quick and reasonable is all manners.
  • Steam cleaning means choosing an option that is best compatible with fabrics. This process is absolutely gentle on fabric and cleans the deeper thread ensuring deep cleaning.

Comparison Between Curtain Dry Cleaning and Curtain Steam Cleaning

Though both the methods of curtain cleaning is full of advantages it is completely a matter of budget, personal preference and professional advice on what method should one look for. On one hand, where Curtain Dry Cleaning involves off-site process along with the hassle of taking them down and hang them again, the Curtain Steam Cleaning is done on-site and no hassle of taking them down and hanging them again is involved. Both the process ensures thorough cleaning and germ-free process.

Role of professional curtain cleaners Melbourne is crucial in making a final decision. It is their knowledge that can only decide which cleaning is the best method. Client’s preference to plays the major role but above all the hassle-free way of enjoying sparkling curtain cleaning is hiring the professionals and listening to their advice.

Which one produces a better result?

As you may have viewed the curtain cleaning infographic, if you may have stains to be removed from your curtain then its worth considering steam cleaning. However, not all materials can be steam cleaned. It's worth checking the build materials.

Dry cleaning is the perfect way to get the cleaning done and it will be ready for use. Steam cleaned curtains take some time to dry.

It is important to note that some curtain materials may get shrink after dry cleaning and it's very important to discuss the outcome with a technician.