Will my curtain shrink if I will get curtain dry cleaning done?

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Curtain cleaning and shrinkage

Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Before we talk about curtain cleaning and the impact it is important to understand shrinkage in curtain may occur naturally also. The curtain may get shrank due to change in temperature, the humidity and also due to build material.

Now, let's talk about curtain cleaning and shrinkage.

Curtain cleaning is not as simple as doing carpet cleaning and it requires a special set of skills to ensure it gets cleaned to get the desired result. You can talk to curtain cleaning Melbourne professionals and you may get different answers from everyone.

There are number of factors which you need to understand to know whether or not your curtain will get shrank after it is dry cleaned.

  • Do your own homework, learn where your curtain can be dry cleaned or not. Some materials can only be dry cleaned and some can’t. Also, there are some materials which can be either steam cleaned or dry cleaned. You can either read instruction if you may have or contact the shop from where you purchased it.
  • Some curtains are hanged for years and you may not have any idea about the material and in that case, talking to a quality curtain cleaning company in Melbourne can help. Please note that there are plenty of general cleaners and you may not get the right answer, you need to quality curtain cleaners who may have several years of experience.
  • Generally, with dry cleaning, there are many materials which get shrank. And if the technician is unsure about the outcome, you should understand the risk that it may get shrank.
  • Curtain steam cleaning is one of the ideal ways of cleaning curtains with best results and generally it is done on site and you have fewer things to worry about when steam cleaning is done.
  • Curtain stain treatment, if you may have stains on our curtains then it is highly recommended that you do steam cleaning as it will ensure that you get the best result possible.
  • Finally, if you have decided to send for dry cleaning then its worth measuring your curtains and talk to the company how far it may get shrink to have an idea and get it measured after the cleaning is done.

How to avoid curtain shrinkage while cleaning?

There are many curtain cleaning companies in Melbourne who guarantee no shrinkage. The question you need to ask is, how would they know without knowing details about your curtains.

A responsible company would give any comments after inspection only.

Here are some methods to avoid curtains shrinkage while cleaning:

  • Unless your curtains are very small and of a general kind, avoid cleaning it by yourself as it may damage your curtains which may not be repaired again.
  • The level of dry cleaning may also impact the shrinkage. If unsure then you may ask the company to do light curtain cleaning.
  • Curtain steam cleaning is one of the safest methods of doing curtains cleaning to avoid shrinkage. If your curtain material can be steam cleaned then you may consider this as the best option.
  • Always measure before and after rather than being confused where or not the curtains got shrunk after cleaning.
  • Maintain your curtain and avoid a very harsh cleaning which may lead to shrinkage.

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