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Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne is a specialist in cleaning curtains, drapes and blinds. We are dedicated to providing supreme quality curtain cleaning with a professionally trained team. If you require professional service for curtain dry cleaning and curtain steam cleaning on-site and off-site service, we are here to help you at each stage of making your home a beautiful and clean place.

If you are thinking of hiring the best curtain dry cleaning Melbourne service provider then remember us, quality service is guaranteed.

For complete drapes and curtain steam cleaning Melbourne, we are known to be the best destination. With years of experience in commercial and residential curtain cleaning western suburbs Melbourne, northern suburbs and eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


We are determined to enthusiastically provide service to our clients and keep our commendable service quality forever. To carry out the curtain cleaning process, technicians need to have experience, knowledge and technology to deal with the various kinds of curtain fabric. We have highly trained and qualified curtain cleaners who are passionate about their job and put in unlimited efforts to carry out the cleaning procedure considering minute details and produce tremendous end results. We have a stronghold in this field and always succeed in providing clients with the finest results.

Why Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Today’s lifestyle is highly influenced by busy schedules. From jobs to personal entertainment and travelling, people find very little time to clean their homes regularly. In this whole scenario, windows and curtains very hardly drive the attention. Well, one should not be guilty of doing this because it is not possible to excel in all aspects of life. Fortunately, having a professional curtain cleaning service is a great relief from this hectic task.

curtain steam cleaning service melbourne
curtain steam cleaning service melbourne

Our curtains, blinds and drapes demand a professional job to clean in the perfect manner without losing its original beauty and colour. Curtains have intense quality for the air filter. While they are hanging in the homes or offices for shade and beauty, they also filter the air and attracts dust and dirt. When these contaminants are not cleaned in the proper time they gradually convert into bacteria and mildews. The mould growth means absolutely unhygienic environment inside the house. These contagious particles trigger serious health problems like respiratory and skin allergies. This condition is an indication that the curtains can be a major source of allergies and immediate curtain cleaning is required.

Perks of Hiring Professional Curtain Cleaning Service

The most prominent benefit of hiring professional curtain cleaners is the assurance that the investment on heavy material curtains will not go in vain. Professional service adds life and rejuvenates the look of the curtains thereby, lengthening its life and beauty. Curtain Dry Cleaning holds the responsibility of taking complete care of your curtains during cleaning and return back the original piece free from dust, dirt, stain, bacteria, mols or any other harmful particles that may have a bad effect on your health. Some prime advantages of hiring us are:

  • No hassle of curtain taking down or re-hanging, our service includes both the options.
  • We offer on-site curtain steam cleaning and off-site curtain dry cleaning service.
  • We use the latest technology and cleaning material to remove the stain and other dust.
  • We ensure that curtains are free from all germs.
  • We sanitise and deodorize the curtains so that you can feel the fresh air after our service is done.
  • We first analyse the material of the curtain and then decide the curtain cleaning method to protect the curtain from getting damaged.
  • We have the expertise in cleaning fine and expensive fabrics like silk, linen, velvet or embellished curtains.
  • Our service is quick and reliable.
  • We offer our service around Melbourne and other neighbouring areas for curtain cleaning Geelong and curtain cleaning Ballarat.

Areas We Cover For Curtain Dry Cleaning

Curtain Dry Cleaning takes pride in offering excellent and spectacular curtain cleaning services throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas of Melbourne. Our cleaning process is absolutely latest and we follow a step-by-step method for the cleaning. Beginning with curtain inspection for quality to check the cleaning method, we proceed towards finding out prominent stains and other damages and then clean it either on-site through steam cleaning or off-site using dry cleaning (depends upon the suitability of the curtain fabric). Finally, we sanitize the curtain and re-hang them.

bedroom curtain cleaning melbourne

If you are a resident of Bayside of Melbourne, our services can reach you easily. Just give us a call and we will reach your place for curtain cleaning assistance and care.

When you choose us, we assure you 100% customer satisfaction and guaranteed success with no complaints. With our exceptional service, we have a massive range of satisfied customers. Whether you need curtain cleaning Mornington or all the way in the northern side of Melbourne we are there, just book your service now and experience the difference.

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